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Questions to Consider When Hiring a Dog Walker

Updated: May 2

  1. How much do dog walkers charge?

    1. The cost of dog walking services varies and is influenced by several factors, such as:

      1. Duration of the visit

      2. Number of dogs in the household

      3. Frequency of walks (we provide discounted Loyalty Plan pricing for clients who have reoccurring weekly walk schedules).

      4. Experience and expertise of the walker

      5. Additional expenses including insurance, payroll, supplies, and software.

      6. For information on our pricing, click here.

  2. Why is having a dog walker beneficial?

    1. Dogs benefit from regular potty breaks and exercise, even when their owners are busy, whether that’s due to work-from-home arrangements or focusing on children’s activities.

    2. Behavioral issues can be a result from a bored, unfulfilled dog. Dogs who are exercised both physically and mentally on a regular basis are less likely to have behavioral issues.

    3. Walk visits offer excellent opportunities for socialization. Walking with a new human friend, exploring different parts of your neighborhood or town, and walking with other dogs are all great ways to practice socialization.

  3. Do dog walkers provide enrichment?

    1. A lot of dog walkers do more than just walk your dog! A lot of walkers like to incorporate enrichment and basic training into their walks. Some of our favorite activities are scatter feeding, balance work, and sniffaris!

  4. Do dog walkers let dogs off lead?

    1. Some dog walkers will do off leash walks and hikes. For the safety of the dogs in our care, we choose not to. Our team uses long lines for dogs we’d like to allow more room to explore.

  5. How many dogs should a dog walker walk?

    1. This number is debatable amongst professionals in the industry, and largely depends on the behavior of the dogs. Our professional opinion is that 4 well-behaved dogs is a good number. We currently do not offer group walks and only perform single-household walks.

  6. Do you have any certifications or training related to dog walking?

    1. Our entire team is certified in first aid and CPR for dogs and cats. We also meet regularly for continuing education (hosted by our training team and special guests) and provide opportunities for our team to peruse certifications in any dog-related field they are interested in.

  7. Are you insured and bonded?

    1. Yes. We are insured by Pet Sitters Associates.

  8. How do you ensure safety of my dog during walks?

    1. We ensure safety of the dogs in our care in multiple ways:

      1. We do not do off-leash walks or hikes

      2. We do not say hi to other dogs or people on our walks

      3. Our team uses a portal that stores pet information. If there is anything our team needs to know, such as 'Scruffy likes to eat rocks," we have it documented

      4. We limit time outside on inclement weather days (storms and extreme temps)

      5. Our team is certified in pet first aid and CPR

      6. Our team carries the same kind of food for treats, and will use food provided by the owner if the dog has food allergies.

  9. How do you handle leash pulling, aggression, or other behavioral issues?

    1. Our visits are designed to be structured however is best for the dog. For dogs who are difficult to walk due to leash pulling or reactivity, we will stay at their house to play and practice enrichment activities. We will not be able to help a family for any issues that pose a safety risk to your dog and/or our team, such as reactivity or aggression. Training may be recommended before walk services start on a case-by-case basis.

  10. How do you communicate with clients?

    1. We communicate via our client portal, Time To Pet. All communication with your assigned walkers and management is done through this portal. If a client needs to speak with management on the phone, call/text (315) 533-2478.

    2. Team members also send visit reports through the Time To Pet portal after every visit. Reports include pictures and details of that day’s visit. The picture feature is by far a client favorite!

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