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Sigh of Relief’s training method focuses on biological fulfillment and the connection between dog and owner by leveraging the dog's natural drive.

A note from Kate

Trainer + Founder of Sigh of Relief

I’ve made all the mistakes with my dogs. Learning from those mistakes is why I’m here helping others navigate life and their relationship with their own dogs. I have experienced stress, embarrassment, resentment, doubt, shame and probably any other ‘negative’ emotion you could imagine in my journey with my Grimm Pack. Owning a dog (or a small pack of dogs, heh) was not as easy as I thought it would be. My love for my dogs and desire to find answers has led me on an incredible journey. I invite you to take this journey with us. Let’s go through the good, the bad and the ugly together and come out on the other side stronger and empowered. The lessons our dogs teach us last a lifetime.

Private Training

Starting at $99

Are you starting training with an adult dog? Or maybe you've tried training in the past but still have some challenges to overcome? Our goal with adult dogs is to help them release any inhibitions they have and build that best-friend relationship we seek to have with our dogs. Here's what we will focus on:


  • Learn about your dog's natural drive and how to leverage it in your training

  • How dogs communicate

  • Management to prevent the rehearsal of unwanted behaviors + to teach/practice decompression

  • Personalized fulfillment activities

  • Natural Dog Training's Core Exercises


  • Obedience

  • Leash work

  • Advancing management to give your dog more freedom


  • Real life application


Interested in learning more? Fill out our application to schedule a 1-hr FREE remote consultation

Walk + Train

Pair your private training with our Walk + Train service! Walk + Train is an awesome way for your dog to get a workout and practice their training with our Fulfillment Specialists! Our team will personalize the visit by choosing a workout tailored to your dog and their working purpose, while also practicing leash work and basic obedience.

This service is most beneficial for your dog when scheduled regularly. We require visits to be scheduled 1-3 times weekly on a reoccurring schedule.


Did you recently bring a puppy home? 
Or are you planning to bring a puppy home soon?

Your biggest job as a puppy parent is the protect and preserve your puppy's natural drive in order to help them grow up to be the calm, confident companion we seek to have alongside us in life. Here's what we focus on until puppies reach adolescence:

  • Management to prevent the puppy from finding trouble + to support the rest schedule required for healthy growth and development

  • How to harness your puppy's natural behaviors to benefit training and create the best possible relationship with you (biting, jumping and barking)

  • Fulfillment activities for puppies

  • Potty training

  • Socialization

  • Setting the foundation for 'traditional' training

Advancing into adolescence (starting at 8-10 months):

  • Natural Dog Training Core Exercises

  • Fulfillment activities personalized to your dog

  • Advancing management options to give your dog more freedom

  • Obedience

  • Leash Work


Puppy Training

Free Puppy Discussion

Kate discusses how to raise a puppy the natural way with Leah Lykos of Canine Movement Lab and Ben Draper of Wild Heart Dog Training.

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